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This is a project started by XR1 to do the following :-

  • Pushing Down Hostile Pages When you are applying for a new job or contract the other party will certainly do a Google search on your name as part of their due diligence, so it's vital that any unfriendly pages are pushed well away from the 1st/2nd results page before that happens. It's prudent to do this search yourself a couple of weeks before so action can be taken. With a mix of carefully written articles and brute-force from various SI7 web assets, many unfriendly pages can be dislodged from the first results page.

  • Search Dispersal In World War 2 Chaff (small strips of metal foil) were dropped by aircraft to create multiple radar returns. This would confuse the operators by flooding them with hundreds radar blips making it impossible to locate the aircraft with any real precision. We can create many profiles similar to the client so that anyone trying to do a search is confronted with dozens of similar looking profiles, thus frustrating and confusing their efforts.

  • Search Enhancement Google (and other search engines) rate the popularity of websites by the number of in-bound links and the wording of those links. To boost the client's website up the search results we create carefully worded links to their website.

  • Who Seeks You Alerts clients if anyone seems to be searching for them, who they might be and the context. In development.

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