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When chemistry teacher Walter White turns 50 he learns that his wife, Skyler, is pregnant and he has terminal lung cancer. He quickly realises that he will struggle to pay for the new child, his sons special medical care, his own cancer treatment and when he is gone, his wife will have to find the money without him.

His brother-in-law, Hank, works for the DEA and invites Walter to see a video of Hank's DEA team take down an illegal meth lab. The video pans onto a table with various type of equipment needed to "cook" meth. Also on the table is a huge pile of money worth about $700,000. Walter remembers a pupil of his, Jessie Pinkman, who is known locally as a meth "cook" so Walter tracks him down. They decide to team-up, with Walter doing the "cooking" and Jessie with his extensive network of friends to sell the drugs.

Season break-down :-

  1. Walter learns of his condition and starts "cooking" meth with Jessie in the desert out of sight and smell. The two find it hard to work together so they split-up.

  2. Walter's medical bill pile up so he continues with Jessie. They team-up with a dodgy lawyer called Saul Goodman (who has a spin-off program) and he shows them how o launder money. Jessie starts a relationship with his land-lady, Jane.

  3. Walter's brother-in-law, Hank (DEA), begins to suspect Jessie is making meth. Jessie's friend, Tuco tries to have Hank killed but he survives but is seriously wounded. Walter and Jessie team-up with Gus to create a well-hidden lab to do their "cooking" in.

  4. Hank, while recovering from his wounds, begins to suspect that Jessie is linked to Gus, who in turn thinks Walter's family-ties to Hank could be a serious problem, so fires him. Walter and Jessie decide to kill Gus and destroy the meth lab.

  5. Walter teams-up with Jessie (again) and Mike (who used to be one of Gus's henchmen) to start a new meth operation. Hank begins to suspect that Walter is the infamous "Heisenberg" and starts an investigation. Hank tries to arrest Walter but is killed by the Welker gang, who in turn get killed by Walter. Jessie escapes into the night and Walter dies from his wounds.

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